eUnits for Corporations

eUnits will support your sustainability initiatives with deep learning materials
employees can access anytime, anywhere.

eUnit are small (typically 20-40 minutes) multimedia learning module developed to meet specific learning objectives. They are self-paced, adult learning materials that translate complex scientific concepts into clear instructional information. They are designed to help employees develop mental models they can use to apply sustainability principles to their projects.

Instructional Design
People learn more deeply from spoken words and pictures than from text alone. However simply adding pictures to words is usually not an effective learning strategy. eUnits are developed utilizing the cognitive theory of multimedia learning whereby the organization and integration of media is done to foster learning. Incorporating professional instructional design, eUnits combine and pace auditory and visual information such that the instructional material is more readily retained.

Iveezo Learning is built on a robust learning management system (LEAP) that allows for a variety of access alternatives.

  • Employees can sign-up for an individual account, enrolling themselves in specific eUnits;
  • Group a number of eUnits into your own Corporate course and provide employees access. Set up as a course, training managers have the option to track employee participation and add other LEAP features.
  • Purchase an annual license and place the eUnits on your learning management system (LMS). All eUnits are SCORM compliant.

Pricing depends on the number of eUnits you select and the length of time you wish employees to have access to them.

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