7 Key Concepts eUnit Description

This eUnit is ideally suited for Sustainability Professionals that are managing an LCA project. It is also a good eUnit for students conducting their first LCA.

There are a lot of details to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology that professionals must follow to assure fair and accurate comparisons.  Unfortunately these details can easily be glossed over, hidden, or simply mistakenly forgotten.  In this eUnit you will learn the 7 key concepts that non-LCA professionals need to understand to successfully commission and manage an LCA project.  By investing the time to understand these 7 key concepts your projects can be completed in less time for less money, and stand up to market scrutiny.  In addition, by learning to look for these 7 key concepts in studies you are reading, you can quickly assess the studies validity and relevance to your work.  Throughout this eUnit we will use a hypothetical window example to illustrate some of the key concepts.

Learning Objectives:
  • Incorporate the 7 Key Concepts into LCA studies you commission;
    complete your studies faster, for less money, and withstand market scrutiny
  • Identify the 7 Key Concepts in LCA studies you read;
    quickly assess the validity and relevance of LCA studies

Approximate time to complete: 30-45 minutes

Cost: $25/year

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